How can I register to vote or update my voter registration information in Newberry County?

If you are 18 years old, a US Citizen, legal resident of Newberry County, with no felony convictions for which you are currently serving a sentence, and you are not declared mentally incompetent by a court of law, then you can register to vote by presenting proper identification, (driver's license reflecting a local residence address is acceptable) to the Voter Registration Office which is located at 1872 Wilson Rd.

You may use either of the following methods:

Register Completely Online

  • Requires Current (updated) S.C. Driver's License or D.M.V. ID
  • If you have moved, you must first update your address
  • Your application will be processed in hours (during normal office hours)

Online applications must be submitted on or before the deadline to be valid for any specific election, 30 days prior to Election Day. Online voter registration does not "turn off" at the deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline will be processed, but will not be valid for that particular election.

Download "Mail In" Application For Voter Registration

Citizens who need to register to vote or change their address in Newberry County may download the SC Voter Registration web mail in application, fill it out, and return it in PDF format that will capture your signature and the other information that should be sent by email to

It is also possible to register by mail on a form available throughout the County from various civic organizations, or mailed by Voter Registration. Registration by Mail Forms must be postmarked no later than 30 days prior to the election. A citizen may come into the office (Voter Registration Office which is located at 1872 Wilson Rd) up to 30 days before the election in order to vote in that election.

Once a person is registered to vote, they do not have to re-register unless they move or have been convicted of a felony. In these cases, it may be necessary to start over and register to vote as if a new voter. Duplicate cards are available upon request if one is lost or misplace.

This registration allows you to vote in all elections as determined by your place of residence (Federal, State, County, City, School District, and /or Special Service District). These districts are listed on the stub portion of your voter registration card and can help you determine your representatives. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to call this office for assistance.

Telephone Number: 803-321-2121.