The Newberry County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees is responsible for setting policy and providing management oversight of the overall operations of the hospital for the healthcare benefit of the citizens of Newberry County and surrounding areas. The Board of Trustees consists of fifteen (15) members; fourteen (14) are appointed by the Newberry County Council (two from each district) and one physician representative appointed by the Newberry County Memorial Hospital Medical Staff. The NCMH Board of Trustees meets the 4th Tuesday of each month, excluding December, at 6:30 p.m. in the hospital boardroom. Members of the board shall serve a term of 4 years.

Board Members
Beth BozardDistrict 106-30-2025
George OxnerDistrict 106-30-2025
John W. PughDistrict 206-30-2025
Candace Frick District 206-30-2025
Jerry AlewineDistrict 306-30-2027
Barry RichardsonDistrict 306-30-2027
Joe TrainorDistrict 406-30-2025
Sean PomeroyDistrict 406-30-2025
Dan RhoadDistrict 506-30-2025
Dr. Alan PaysingerDistrict 506-30-2025
Frank M. Senn, Jr.District 606-30-2027
Tonya Lyles DeanDistrict 606-30-2027
Denise MarshallDistrict 706-30-2027
Larry Kinard District 706-30-2027
Dr. Phil MilnerMedical Staff Representative06-30-2023