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Our Victims and Witness Assistance program at the Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to assist and provide services to crime and accident victims and their families, as well as witnesses or other parties involved in major incidents such as: Homicide, Robberies, Burglaries, Assaults, Stalking, Arson, Rapes, Shootings, Theft and Fraud, Vandalism, Criminal Domestic Violence and Juvenile Sexual and Physical Assaults. Our Advocates are here to help reduce confusion and provide support throughout their involvement of such incidents. They are on call 24-hours a day to provide services from the time the crime occurs, during the investigation and throughout participation in the criminal justice system.

Any Victims or Witnesses of crime committed within the jurisdiction of the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office can request and utilize the services of this program.  These services are confidential and free of charge. The goal is to meet the victims/witnesses’ needs from the physical, emotional and financial difficulties resulting from the trauma of their difficult situation.

They inform the innocent victims and witnesses of a crime regardless of race, sex, age, religion, economic status of their rights to which they are entitled by law. The South Carolina Bill of Rights for Victims and Witnesses states that you have:

  • The Right to be treated with dignity and compassion
  • The Right to be free from threats, intimidation or harassment
  • The Right to be reasonably about the criminal justice process
  • The Right to information concerning eligibility and application for victim compensation benefits
  • The Right to preservation of property and employment
  • The Right to due process in criminal court proceedings
  • The Right to special recognition and attention for the very young, the elderly, the handicapped and those with special needs, by all criminals justice medical and social services agencies
  • The Right to refuse to talk to any defense attorney

Excerpted from the Constitution of South Carolina, Article I, Section 24
(This is a condensed reference and is not intended to substitute for the law.)

The Victim/Witness Advocate will assist with any questions or problems you may have concerning your case. As the victim or witness of a crime, you may be called upon to play an important role in the criminal justice system. To ensure that your rights as a victim and/or witness is achieved, you have several responsibilities:

  • You must keep agencies informed of you legal name, current address and phone number
  • You must provide details for financial impact in order to receive restitution or compensation
  • You must notify the appropriate authority of your desire to be present for hearings
  • You must submit your wish to make a Victim Impact Statement in a timely manner
  • You must notify the appropriate authority of your desire to make an oral statement

The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office Victim/Witness Services is committed to providing services to victims and witnesses of crime to help them deal with the traumatic effects of the incident. Some of the services we provide or assist in providing:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Emotional support
  • Familiarization with the criminal justice system
  • Preparation for court appearance
  • Support while attending court
  • Referral to community resources
  • Assistance in seeking restitution and reimbursement
  • Assistance in filing application for the crime victim’s compensation fund

As well as the above services this division can provide you with a contact information for other services and programs available to victims and witnesses of a crime. If you feel you are a victim or witness of a crime, please contact the Newberry County Sheriff's Office at (803) 321-2211 or for information you may email Alyssa Peay at apeay@ncso.sc.gov.

To view the Newberry County Sheriff's Office pamphlet for victims, please click here.