Elizabeth P. Folk
Clerk of Court
Newberry County Courthouse 1226 College Street

Fee Schedule

The fee for a certified copy is $10.00. The fee for a regular copy is $0.35 cents a page.

A certified copy is one that has been attested or verified by the Clerk of Court as a true copy of the original and includes the seal of the Clerk of Court.

Deeds $15.00 
Lease $25.00 
Plats $25.00 
Mortgages $25.00 
Assignment $10.00 
Mortgage Agreement $10.00 
Power of Attorney $25.00 
Easements $25.00
Satisfaction of Mortgages $10.00
Release of Lien $10.00 
Partial Release of Lien $10.00 
Subordination Agreements $10.00 
Judgments $10.00
Magistrates Judgments $35.00
Lis Pendens $10.00 (If not filed with a Summons & Complaint)
New Case for Common Pleas $150.00
Family Court Case $150.00
Name Change $150.00
Foreign Judgment $100.00
Notice of Mechanics Lien $25.00
Release of Mechanics Lien $10.00
Surety Bonds $35.00 (for recording & satisfying in the mortgage Indexes)
Annexation Agreement’ $25.00
Notary $5.00