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Hi, Kids!

These Kid's Activity Pages are designed for just for you to learn and discover some exciting things about Newberry County and the Sheriff's Office. You will also learn how to stay safe.

Sheriff's Deputies and police officers are people whose job it is to help us and keep us safe from dishonest people. These men and women are also called law enforcement officers because they enforce the law. Along with firemen and emergency medical workers, law enforcement officers are people in your neighborhood who keep it running safely.

Law enforcement officers are your friends, and they enjoy talking to you and helping you out if you need it. When you see an officer or officer's car in action, please stay back. They are doing an important job and you should stay away so you are not in danger.

Sometimes officers have to look for the person that commits a crime. That person is called a criminal. The officer looks for clues to help him solve the crime. A clue is a piece of evidence or information that is used to help explain the crime, like a fingerprint.

Call 911 whenever there is an immediate emergency that threatens a life or property, such as a person committing a crime, a fire, or an auto accident where people are hurt. A dispatcher will answer and ask, "What is your emergency?" You should tell them what the problem is, who you are, and where the help is needed. Listen and answer all questions and do not hang up until you are told to do so.

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