Lee Foster
550 Wilson Road Newberry, SC 29108

The Training Division is responsible for in-service training, continuing education, and managing the South Carolina Criminal Justice Training Academy applications, for all of the department's employees to ensure all departmental personnel are properly trained. It is essential that officers' training be up to the task, not only to ensure their effectiveness in performing their duties, but to help ensure survival while in harm's way.

To meet South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy standards, all deputy sheriffs must attend and successfully complete a minimum of forty (40) hours of in-service training. Since training has been often cited as one of the most important responsibilities of a law enforcement agency, Newberry County meets this requirement and often surpasses this requirement. Officers participate in hands-on-training including firearms training simulators, realistic decision making scenarios, fingerprinting, crime scene investigations, tactical vehicle stops, and defensive tactics.

Other tasks of the Training Program include reviewing all incoming applications. The responses on the application form will be reviewed and evaluated for the quality and quantity of education/experience in the areas listed. Applicants whose qualifications most closely correspond to the Sheriff's Office needs will be eligible for further consideration. During this process you will be fingerprinted and required to fill out all necessary forms, supplied an information packet to be completed and submitted back to the Training office.  A thorough background investigation is conducted on all selected applicants that apply with Newberry County Sheriff’s Office.  To see available positions, a downloadable version of the application, and instructions on what must be included and how to submit an application, click here.

Also administered through this division is the Internship Program, a new addition to the agency. Through its Internship Program, the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office provides a unique learning experience for area students pursuing a career in law enforcement. This program provides students the opportunity to observe several units and divisions within the Sheriff’s Office. All internships at the Newberry County Sheriff's Office are unpaid. For additional information concerning the Internship Program contact our training division.

For additional information about the training division, please contact Lieutenant Pete Johnson at pjohnson@ncso.sc.gov or (803) 321-2211.