Katie Werts
Director of Planning and Development
1512 Martin Street Newberry, SC 29108

Bring with you:

  1. A copy of the Plat of the property that the structure will be placed on. This can be obtained at the Clerk of Court's Office on the first floor of the Courthouse. You will need to show the proposed location of the structure as well as include approximate distances from property lines (distance from road, side and rear property lines) and the dimensions of the structure to be placed on property.
  2. Approved DHEC permit for septic tank, if applicable. Call (803) 321-2175 if you have questions.
  3. E-911 Address assigned to the property. (E-911 Addressing is located at the Sheriff's Department, (803) 321-2182).
  4. If placing a manufactured home on the property, a copy of the Title or Bill of Sale showing the year, make, model and serial/VIN number must be provided. A pre-1976 mobile home which is not HUD approved cannot be moved within or into Newberry County. Please contact this office to find out what options are available if you have a pre-1976 not HUD approved mobile home you wish to move.
  5. If you are moving a manufactured home within Newberry County, bring proof of payment of current taxes. The Assessor's office can assist you with this information.
  6. If you have lakeshore property or property that may be in a FEMA flood zone, please click here to link to the Flood Management Department.


  • $20.00 for a Manufactured Home Permit. We accept cash or a check.