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Failure to Comply:

Any individual who is engaging the services of a contractor must make sure that the contractor does indeed have a current South Carolina State License in the given discipline, and the license limit either meets or exceeds the contractual agreement.

If you are unsure as to your contractors license limit, please see South Carolina's Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation website for contractor licensing limitations and further information.

Failure to meet these requirements will result in fines being imposed on the owner and contractor. This fine will include all court costs.

General Contractor Limits:

Contractor License Limits - General Contractors


Commercial Sub-Contractor Limits:

Contractor License Limits - Mechanical Contractors


Residential Contractor Limits:

While there is no limit imposed on a South Carolina State licensed residential contractor, a residential contractor can only engage in residential work.

Specialty Contractors:

Specialty contractors license limit is $5,000.00 with the exception of a specialty contractor licensed in carpentry who has posted a $10,000.00 assurance bond. These contractors can only engage in carpentry work, this does not entitle them to oversee job completion.

Grandfathered Contractors:

These contractors are not licensed by examination. They had been performing their trade prior to the State of South Carolina requiring contractors licenses. The limit of these type of contractors license is $5,000.00.