Lee Foster
550 Wilson Road Newberry, SC 29108

Current Available Positions:

  • Deputy Sheriff - Salary Up To $49,401.00 With Class 1 Certification and Experience
  • Corrections Deputy - Salary Up To $37,968 With Class 2 Certification and Experience
  • Telecommunicator - Salary Up To $35,880.00 With Class 4 Certification and Experience

In addition, employees receive:

  • Paid medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 13 paid Holidays
  • Uniforms
  • Take Home Vehicle
  • Paid Vacation / Sick Leave
  • $1,000 Night Shift Differential

Plus a unique schedule that allows permanent shifts with every other weekend off.

Note: Application Must Include:

  • A picture of the applicant
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Credit history report
  • Handwritten statement of why you wish to be a Deputy, Correctional Officer or 911 Operator
  • Copy of High School diploma and/or any other degree
  • Signatures affixed and witnessed

Click Here for Employment Application

The application is available in an editable format by downloading it to your computer.

You can email questions or your completed application along with the required attachments to Lieutenant Pete Johnson at pjohnson@ncso.sc.gov or you may call his direct line at (803) 405-7710.

You may also bring the application and documentation to our office or mail it to the following address:

Newberry County Sheriff's Office
Attention: Training Division
P.O. Box 247, Newberry, SC, 29108



The Newberry County Deputy Sheriff shall be responsible for the enforcement of all statutes and criminal laws, both felony and misdemeanor in the State of South Carolina. A deputy shall be responsible for answering any and all calls for service or assistance assigned to him/her by Central communications. He/she will be assigned daily tasks through a chain of command created by the Sheriff. The tasks involved will include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Providing District and Circuit Court with security
  2. Transportation of prisoners
  3. Investigating and reporting of motor vehicle accidents
  4. Investigating and reporting criminal activity
  5. Service of both Civil and Criminal papers (warrants, summons, subpoena's, writs, executions, EPO's, garnishments and evictions)

Additionally, the Deputy may be called upon to administer first aid, provide CPR, provide assistance to outside agencies and present courtroom testimony. A Deputy will have a working knowledge of the geographical locations within the county and will present himself/herself in a professional manner at all times.


The following standards must be met before an application can be effectively processed:

  1. Is a citizen of the United States
  2. Not less than twenty-one (21) years of age
  3. Is a High School Graduate or has successfully passed a G.E.D. examination
  4. Possess a valid driver's license to operate a motor vehicle
  5. Has not been convicted of a felony
  6. Is not prohibited by federal or state law from possessing a firearm
  7. Has received an honorable discharge if having served in any branch of the armed forces of the U.S.
  8. Has not had certification as a peace officer revoked in any other state

If these criteria are effectively met, the applicant must submit to and pass the following requirements:

  1. A medical examination
  2. A background investigation including fingerprinting
  3. An oral interview
  4. A psychological examination
  5. A physical agility test.

Newberry County
Sheriff's Department
550 Wilson Road
Newberry, SC 29108
(803) 321-2211