Katie Werts
Director of Planning and Development
1512 Martin Street Newberry, SC 29108

The only persons Permitted to engage in mobile home set-up are those individuals who are licensed as installers in the State of South Carolina, per the South Carolina Manufactured Housing Board.

Information Required to Obtain a Manufactured Home Permit

Inspection Permit

  • $100.00 for single wide mobile homes
  • $200.00 for double wide mobile homes
  • Approved Zoning Permit
  • Proof of Ownership (title, sale agreement from dealer, or bill of sale)
  • Copy of moving permit (if coming from another County)
  • Mover and Installer sheets (signed & completed by the mover)
  • Form from Delinquent Tax Collectors Office stating that all taxes are paid. This form comes from the Building Department.

Moving Permit $100.00

  • If moving within Newberry County (same requirements as for the Inspection Permit)
  • If moving out of Newberry County (need address of the new location and all current taxes are paid)

Decal $5.00

  • New placement (same information as Inspection Permit)
  • Change of Ownership (proof of ownership)
    • title
    • bill of sale

Used Manufactured Home (same as above)

  • Change of Ownership
  • Coming from another County (meed moving permit from that County. If it is used coming off a dealership lot, moving permit from where the dealership originally bought the mobile home)

Final Inspection on Manufacture Homes

  1. All mobile features are to be removed. (tongue/wheels)
  2. All homes are to be double blocked and tied down to withstand 115 mph wind load.
  3. Electrical
    1. Power pole: installed up to 30' away from any side of the home.
    2. A 3' working space in front of the breaker box is required.
    3. Double wide mobile home meter base can be mounted to the side of the home.
  4. Plumbing
    1. Pipes are to be at a slope for the water to flow correctly.
    2. Certify that potable water is connected to the home.
    3. Clean-out for the sewer and a cut-off for the water within 3' of the side of the home.
  5. Underpinning or skirting
    1. Materials to use are metal, vinyl, brick, block, wood or tin.
    2. If using brick or block, a footing is required.
  6. Steps and Decks
    1. Landing must be at least 3' x 3' at each entrance of the home.
  7. 911 Address
    1. Post the numbers on the home or on the stair post leading to the front door.
    2. A mailbox or reflective address marker posted at the road.
    3. The address numbers must be 4" high.
  8. Decal
    1. The decal should be properly displayed in a window facing the main road.
  9. Final Inspection
    1. Call 803-321-2662 for final inspection. When inspection passes, an electrical release number is given to the electrical provider for connection. If the inspection fails, there could be a $25.00 re-inspection fee charge.