Elizabeth P. Folk
Clerk of Court
Newberry County Courthouse 1226 College Street

The jury system in South Carolina involves both grand juries and petit juries. Grand juries decide whether or not to issue bills of indictments on charges brought before them. Petit Juries render verdicts in individual trials in Circuit Court. The Clerk of Court is responsible for summoning, venire preparations and compensation of jurors for the Circuit Court.

Each juror will receive a juror summons. The bottom section of this summons must be completed and returned to the Clerk of Court's office within two days after receipt. If a juror believes he or she should be disqualified, exempted or excused from jury duty he or she should state this on the juror response form and notify the Clerk of Court's Office with this concern.

Please plan to be present for the entire week. The presiding judge for the week will determine the start and end times for each day.

Jurors are paid $15.00 a day and $0.30 a mile for each day that you report for service. We have a message system that is used if you are instructed to call for information about the day and time to report again. The number is given to you when you report the first day of service.

You will be requires to pass through a metal detector, which is provided solely for your security.

Jurors are expected to wear proper attire and no shorts, tank tops or hats are allowed in the courtroom.

Parking is available at the Newberry County Courthouse. Overflow parking is available in the parking lot located on the corner of Harrington Street and Lindsay Street.

The members of my staff are ready and available to assist you with any questions and/or concerns you may have regarding your jury service.