Lee Foster
550 Wilson Road Newberry, SC 29108

By South Carolina statute the Sheriff is responsible for the security and integrity of the Newberry County Courthouse. The Court Security Division's Deputies ensure the security for General Sessions, Magistrate, and Family Courts of Hall County. These Deputies ensure that no breach of security or safety occurs on the courthouse grounds or during any and all trials that are held within the Newberry County Courthouse.

The officers protect the integrity of court proceedings and maintain courtroom decorum. The process of securing court facilities begins with the security screening of individuals entering the building. This involves the application of security procedures and measures designed to deter, detect and/or prevent weapons and contraband from entering the building or areas surrounding the facility. Officers are responsible for patrolling the interior and exterior of the building and for monitoring individual courtrooms in order to provide safety for court personnel, jurors, victims, prisoners, and the general public. Court Security Officers also assist the other divisions with prisoner and mental health transports when manpower shortages exist and likewise other divisions assist Court Security.

In response to today's increased threat to homeland security, the County has installed Security Screening Checkpoints at the main entrances of the courthouse building and at the vestibule entrance to the Family Courtroom in the County Annex Building. The checkpoint consist of a metal detector and is supplemented with hand-held detectors to prevent guns, knives and other dangerous weapons from entering the courtrooms and will help provide additional security for all persons utilizing the courthouse. 

To contact the Court Security Division, you may email Captain Garrett Lominack at glominack@ncso.sc.gov or call the Newberry County Sheriff's Office at (803) 321-2211.