Jessie Long

Newberry County Parks & Recreation Department


Main Contact Information:

Phone: 803-924-8328


Jessie Long - Director of Parks and Recreation

Jerran Long - Athletic Fields & Events Supervisor

Mission Statement

The Newberry County Parks and Recreation Department strives to support the needs of the citizens of Newberry County through high quality recreational and leisure opportunities. The department is committed to providing welcoming, well-maintained parks and facilities as well as affordable, diverse activities and programs year-round for people of all ages.


To provide a diverse range of fun, family friendly parks and recreational programming opportunities designed to enrich residents’ and visitors’ overall health and wellness.

Core Values

Core Values - Parks & Recreation


  1. Preserve, protect, maintain, improve, and enhance parks and recreational opportunities.
  2. Anticipate the needs of the community and structure programs and facilities accordingly.
  3. Enrich the lives of residents and visitors.
  4. Provide efficient services to residents regardless of income, demographic characteristic, and ability.
  5. Plan, organize, and when possible encourage family participation.
  6. Provide walking, biking, running, and other activities with trails, paths, and bikeways.
  7. Continually strive to improve existing facilities while seeking opportunities for future development.
  8. Increase participation in programs and recreation opportunities in general, but also for target populations such as females, minorities, seniors and/or low socio-economic individuals.
  9. Meet recreational needs with maximum effectiveness and with minimum expense.
  10. Effectively promote and publicize area recreational programs and events.

"Creating Community Through People, Parks and Programs"