Leslie Glass
Operations Manager
240 Public Works Drive Newberry, SC 29108

Animal Control

Residents of County of Newberry have first preference, but non-residents may also adopt. All dogs and puppies are $85. This fee includes the spay or neuter, DHPP, Rabies, and Kennel Cough vaccination, heartworm test in adult dogs, deworming for hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, and tapeworms, and microchipping. All cats and kittens are $65, and this fee includes the spay or neuter, feline leukemia test, RCP-Felv vaccination, and deworming for hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. Please note that this cost is not a purchase price for the animal, but to reimburse the County of Newberry for its cost of the health care for the animal.
There is no charge for in-county residents. Animal Control Officers will pick strays only. ie NO OWNED ANIMALS. Part of being a responsible pet owner includes transferring ownership of a pet to a responsible party if you are unable to properly care for that animal any longer.
When a owner surrenders their pet, Newberry County Animal Care and Control maintains a privacy policy concerning that animal. By signing the animal over, the owner releases custody of that animal to the shelter, and that animal becomes property of the County of Newberry. Prospective adopters may fill out an adoption application for a particular pet to be considered for adoption. This includes your name, address, and phone number as well as if you rent or own your home (renters must provide a landlord contact for approval) and a current veterinarian to confirm vet care on all currently owned pets. If an animal is not adopted or redeemed from the Shelter, the pet may be humanely euthanized after a reasonable time period. When a stray dog is picked up and brought to the Shelter by the public, the surrender procedure is the same as for an owner's dog, but there is a 5 day stray holding period. If an Animal Control Officer picks up a stray animal, it is held for five days. If the stray is not adopted or redeemed within a reasonable amount of time, it may also be humanely euthanized. If the stray dog has identification (we do scan each dog for a microchip), we will notify the owner by telephone, if possible, and also send certified mail. If the animal has a health issue making its quality of life poor, it may be euthanized before its 5 day hold is up.
The County of Newberry requires that every dog/cat leaving the animal shelter be spayed or neutered to help control the stray dog/cat population.
At least 50% of all dogs get adopted or redeemed, cats approximately 40%.
The Shelter holds these animals for as long as possible depending on the overcrowding conditions existing as the Shelter at the time.
If you have lost your pet, you must come to the shelter yourself, to identify your dog. Shelter employees cannot identify your dog, only you can do that. Your pet will be added to the lost animal report, and if you do so, there will be no charge to redeem your pet. If we do have your animal, and your dog is licensed, bring proof of licensing and rabies vaccinations when you come to redeem your dog. If your dog is here and has not been put on the lost report, there is an initial fee of $10 the first day, and $5 for each additional day that it has been at the shelter. Also to find your pet, contact your local vet or other animal shelters.
If you or a family member has been threatened by an aggressive dog you should call the shelter and ask that an Animal Control Officer be sent to take an report and advise you on the procedure for taking the dog owner to court on a dangerous dog complaint. The officer will either apprehend the dog or advise the dog owner of the penalties that he may be subject to.
The responding officer takes a report from the dog bite victims with all necessary information about the incident and that report is kept at the Shelter.
Residents of Newberry County at this time may own as many animals as they can adequately take care of.
Barking dog complaints can be made to the Newberry County Communications Center (803) 321-2222 24 hours per day. The Communications Center will then route the complaint to the appropriate agency.