Kelly Baker Nobles
Probate Judge
AcrobatWord361ESAccounting (Mandatory)
AcrobatWord555GCAccounting of Deceased Ward's Funds
AcrobatWord301ESAdditional Devisees/Heirs/Successors
AcrobatWord454ESAdditional Signature for Informal Administration
AcrobatWord420ESAffidavit for Collection of Personal Property Pursuant to Small Estate Proceedings
AcrobatWord366ESAffidavit of Adeemed or Abated Property
AcrobatWord544GCAffidavit of Conservator Regarding Bond
AcrobatWord446ESAffidavit of Distribution for Personal Property
AcrobatWord409ESAffidavit of Due Diligence
AcrobatWord445ESAffidavit of Heirs
AcrobatWord482ESAffidavit to Obtain Bank Balance
AcrobatWord300ESApplication (Informal) / Petition (Formal) for Probate of Will or Appointment (Mandatory)
AcrobatWord542GCApplication (Informal) / Petition (Formal) for Protective Order and/or Appointment of Conservator for a Minor
AcrobatWord332ESApplication / Petition for Appointment of Special Administrator
AcrobatWord334ESApplication / Petition for Subsequent Administration
AcrobatWord333ESApplication / Petition for Successor Personal Representative
AcrobatWord351ESApplication for Appointment of Appraiser(s)
AcrobatWord375ESApplication for Approval of Compromise
AcrobatWord552GCApplication for Disbursement of Funds
AcrobatWord581GCApplication for Registration and Recognition of Guardianship and/or Conservatorship Order(s) from Another State
AcrobatWord583GC-BApplication for Relief (Conservatorship)
AcrobatWord583GC-AApplication for Relief (Guardianship)
AcrobatWord330ESApplication for Restraint or Performance of Personal Representative
AcrobatWord329ESApplication for Sale of Personal Property
AcrobatWord412ESApplication for Settlement
AcrobatWord337ESApplication for Settlement & Accounting of Subsequent Administration
AcrobatWord554GCApplication for Use of Deceased Ward's Funds
AcrobatWord343ESApplication to Alter Amount of Bond
AcrobatWord121ESAppointment of Agent for Service of Process
AcrobatWord153PCCertification of Completion of Premarital Preparation Course
AcrobatWordSCRCPForm6PCConfidential Reference List of Redacted Identifiers
AcrobatWord543GCConservator Contract
AcrobatWord567GC-LFConservator Report - Long Form
AcrobatWord567GC-SFConservator Report - Short Form
AcrobatWord568GCConservator Report for a Minor
AcrobatWord563GCConservatorship Receipt
AcrobatWord400ESDeed of Distribution
AcrobatWord342ESDemand for Bond
AcrobatWord113ESDemand for Hearing (Estates)
AcrobatWord327ESDemand for Non-Probate Property Inventory
AcrobatWord111ES DDemand for Notice in an Estate
AcrobatWord510GCDemand for Notice of Hearing in a Guardianship, Conservatorship, or Protective Proceeding
AcrobatWord520GCDual Petition for Appointment of Conservator (or other Protective Order) and Guardian (for Adult)
AcrobatWord539GCExaminer Report and Affidavit Regarding Capacity
AcrobatWord435ESExempt Property Claim
AcrobatWord341ESFiduciary Bond
AcrobatWord447PCFiling of Disclaimer for Record
AcrobatWord306ESFiling of Will for Record
AcrobatWord566GCFinancial Plan of Conservator
AcrobatWord531GCGuardian ad Litem Report
AcrobatWord534GCGuardian Report
AcrobatWord565GCGuidelines for Preparing Financial Plan of Conservator
AcrobatWord305ESInformation to Heirs and Devisees
AcrobatWord550GCInventory and Appraisement (Conservator) (Mandatory)
AcrobatWord350ES LFInventory and Appraisement LF (Mandatory)
AcrobatWord350ES SFInventory and Appraisement SF (Mandatory)
AcrobatWord350ES SF Cont.Inventory and Appraisement SF - Continuation Sheet
AcrobatWordSCCA405PCMotion and Affidavit to Proceed In Forma Pauperis
AcrobatWord523GCMotion for Appointment of Counsel for Emergency or Temporary Proceedings
AcrobatWord527GCMotion for Appointment of Guardian ad Litem for Emergency or Temporary Proceedings
AcrobatWord586GCMotion for Extension
AcrobatWord352ESMotion for Extension
AcrobatWord109ESMotion for Removal
AcrobatWord122ESMotion for Service by Publication
AcrobatWord123ESMotion for Transfer of Venue
AcrobatWord585GCMotion for Transfer of Venue
AcrobatWord355ESMotion to be Relieved as Counsel
AcrobatWord526GCMotion to Be Relieved as Counsel for Alleged Incapacitated Individual
AcrobatWord110ESNotice of
AcrobatWord372ESNotice of Allowance / Disallowance of Claim
AcrobatWord557GCNotice of Allowance / Disallowance of Claim
AcrobatWord512GCNotice of and Motion for Emergency Relief
AcrobatWord513GCNotice of and Motion for Temporary Relief
AcrobatWord525GCNotice of Appearance of Counsel
AcrobatWord516GCNotice of Correction
AcrobatWord151ESNotice of Correction
AcrobatWord326ESNotice of Hearing
AcrobatWord356ESNotice of Intent to Appeal
AcrobatWord524GCNotice of Right to Counsel
AcrobatWord416ESNotice of Right to Demand Hearing
AcrobatWordSCCA500ESNotice of Secure Leave
AcrobatWord370ESNotice to Creditors
AcrobatWord130ESOrder for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)
AcrobatWord373ES OOrder for Petition for Allowance of Claim
AcrobatWord390ESPetition for Administration Under Part 5
AcrobatWord373ES PPetition for Allowance of Claim
AcrobatWord558GCPetition for Allowance of Claim
AcrobatWord573PCPetition for Appointment of Successor Custodian
AcrobatWord406ESPetition for Determination of Apportionment of Taxes
AcrobatWord404ESPetition for Elective Share
AcrobatWord530GCPetition for Finding of Incapacity and/or Appointment of Guardian (Mandatory)
AcrobatWord571GCPetition for Formal Relief
AcrobatWord383ESPetition for Omitted Child
AcrobatWord382ESPetition for Omitted Spouse
AcrobatWord540GCPetition for Protective Order and/or Appointment of Conservator for an Adult (Mandatory)
AcrobatWord331ESPetition for Removal of Personal Representative
AcrobatWord381ESPetition for Review of Employment/Compensation
AcrobatWord430ESPetition for Sale of Real Estate
AcrobatWord584GCPetition for Sale of Real Estate
AcrobatWord575GCPetition for Transfer of Guardianship and/or Adult Conservatorship from South Carolina to Receiving State (Mandatory)
AcrobatWord578GCPetition Requesting South Carolina Accept Guardianship/Conservatorship from Sending State (Mandatory)
AcrobatWord417ESPetition to Deny or Limit Inheritance
AcrobatWord522GCPhysician's Affidavit for Emergency or Temporary Proceedings
AcrobatWord521GCPlan of Care for Ward
AcrobatWord537GCProbate Court Guidelines for Reports by Appointed Examiner
AcrobatWord481ESProbate Rule 5 - Proof of ADR
AcrobatWord120PC (1-2014)Proof of Delivery
AcrobatWord125ESProof of Delivery for Non-Probate Property Inventory
AcrobatWord410ESProposal for Distribution
AcrobatWord403ESReceipt and Release with Waiver
AcrobatWord325ESRelease/Satisfaction of Claim
AcrobatWord559GCRelease/Satisfaction of Claim
AcrobatWord380ESRenunciation of Fee
AcrobatWord302ESRenunciation of Right to Administration and/or Nomination and/or Waiver of Bond
AcrobatWord549GCRenunciation/Nomination for Guardian and/or Conservator; Acceptance of Service
AcrobatWord480ESSafe Deposit Affidavit
AcrobatWord529GCSpecial Power of Attorney Delegating Powers of Guardian
AcrobatWord556GCStatement of Creditor's Claim
AcrobatWord371ESStatement of Creditor's Claim (Mandatory)
AcrobatWord335ESStatement of Resignation
AcrobatWord340ESStatement of Value and Income for Purposes of Bond
AcrobatWord350ES SQASubsequent Administration Inventory
AcrobatWord710PCTrustee Information
AcrobatWord421ESVerified Statement to Close Estate (62-3-1204)
AcrobatWord514GCWaiver by Alleged Incapacitated Individual
AcrobatWord111ES WWaiver for Notice in an Estate
AcrobatWord344ESWaiver of Bond
AcrobatWord364ESWaiver of Filing Requirements
AcrobatWordSCCA653Waiver of In-Person Court Appearance and Consent to Video/Audioconferencing
AcrobatWordSCCA654Waiver of In-Person Court Appearance and Consent to Video/Audioconferencing
AcrobatWord515GCWaiver of Notice
AcrobatWord365ESWaiver of Statutory Requirements and Beneficiary Receipt / Release
AcrobatWord376ESWritten Notice to Creditors