Disabilities & Special Needs Board

It is the purpose of the Newberry County Disabilities and Special Needs Board to develop, provide, coordinate, improve, and operate community based programs serving persons with mental retardation or other related disabilities, including but not limited to autism and head and/or spinal cord injuries, with a view toward developing their respective mental, physical, and social capacities to their fullest potential. Members of the Board shall serve a term of 4 years.

Board Members

William E. Braswell

District 1

Expires 06-30-2025

Debra Kelly

District 2

Expires 06-30-2025

Pam Bush

District 3

Expires 06-30-2027

James Counts Jr

District 4

Expires 06-30-2027

Randy Malloy 

District 5

Expires 06-30-2025

Susan Heydt

District 6

Expires 06-30-2027

Charlene Caldwell

District 7

Expires 06-30-2027