The Uniform Patrol Division is the most visible portion of the Newberry County Sheriff's Office. These deputies, providing continuous first responder 9-1-1 service, non-emergency service, and general law enforcement, protect and serve 24 hours, seven days a week making them the most visible of the Newberry County Sheriff’s office. Enforcing the laws they patrol the roads of the county and provide a visible presence to help discourage crime. As well as the rural areas of the county, these officers serve as law enforcement for the towns of Pomaria, Little Mountain, and Silverstreet. When necessary, they also assist the Police Departments of Newberry, Prosperity, and Whitmire.

This division of 20 sworn officers is divided into four shifts patrolling the 647 square miles of county.  Each 12-hour shift is supervised by a Lieutenant and is comprised of a complement of deputies. To provide effective, the county is divided into patrol zones. During a twelve-hour tour of duty, a deputy is assigned to one of the zones to patrol. The LT evaluates call volume and directs the activities of the shift to ensure that response times to calls are responded to as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These deputies respond immediately to crimes and other incidents providing protection and services for the approximate 37,000 residents and the multitude of visitors. Patrol deputies handle a varied range of calls from noise complaints to homicides. For this reason, these deputies must have in-depth knowledge of the law and must be well-rounded law enforcement officers.

The Uniform Patrol Division provides continuous available units to:

  • Answer calls for service

  • Respond to crimes in progress calls

  • Answer complaint calls

  • Detect, apprehend, and process persons involved in criminal activity

  • Patrol neighborhoods and businesses

  • Conduct follow-up investigations on incidents not assigned to the Investigations Division

  • Enforce traffic laws

  • Ensure the safe movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic

  • Assist S.C. Highway Patrol on vehicle accidents

  • Assist other Emergency Services ( Fire, EMS ) with traffic control

  • Recover and return lost or stolen property

  • Serves arrest warrants

  • Reduce both immediate and potential hazards to the community

For more information about the patrol division, contact Captain Garrett Lominack at or call the Newberry County Sheriff's Office (803) 321-2211.